Offer hotels AND flights under your own brand

Integrating Temporatours into your own website is not only easy and seamless but it also allows you to display your own brand and logo. Our software is simple to implement and manage and it runs behind the scenes of your own site to ensure your tariff validity and content are always accurate and up-to-date.


Take advantage of our powerful and reliable technology at no additional cost to your agency. Your customers will discover how simple it is to book travel products while you’ll create additional sales without any effort. Designed with your brand in mind, our white label solution allows you to search for travel products and complete bookings in a few simple steps.

We understand how travel works and how great offers come to complement a reliable and fast software. This is why our online B2B booking engine contains all travel services in one platform. Offer hotels and flights from international and local suppliers worldwide. Easily navigate through our real-time travel content, search, filter, and add your own markups.

At Temporatours, we believe personalization is extremely important. This is why we won’t just integrate our travel software into your website or mobile app, but also customize our services to your B2C needs and liking. Our engine is robust, reliable, and responsive, ensuring everything works smoothly while accessing our travel inventory.


  • You possess travel-oriented traffic that has a ‘research & buy’ intent
  • You send these visitors to a flights and hotels search interface
  • Our engine connects to all the major travel distribution systems.


Our Temporatours White Label program allows you to offer visitors a robust travel-shopping experience — all under your own brand. Your site is built using the same inventory infrastructure and user interface that’s in Temporatours. Offer all of our travel products — flight, hotel, transfers, and car rentals.

  • Easy implementation — after contracts are signed, Temporatours develops and builds your customized travel site, working closely with your team to ensure it meets your needs.
  • Choose your theme — decide which solution works best for your B2C business and we’ll take care of the rest!
  • Robust reporting — you’ll have access to a reporting extranet where booking data can be viewed daily.

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