Over 500,000 hotels in 90,000 destinations

Temporatours is a world class Hotel Wholesaler for the B2B market. Having connections with numerous providers gives our partners multiple choices at the best prices. Our database is continuously updated so that our content is always highly relevant. Finally, our performant software for online and offline bookings makes it easier for you to manage your bookings, reports, and finances.

Why choose Temporatours for B2B hotel reservations?

70% lower

Whether your customers want a romantic weekend, family vacation, business trip or a last-minute-getaway, whenever they need a hotel, Temporatours will always deliver great deals — and that’s our guarantee. Our B2B hotel reservation solution is multi-functional and packed with helpful features, allowing you to always offer the most suitable hotels at the best net prices.

It doesn’t matter if your visitors want a hotel for a leisure city trip, a budget hostel, or an all-inclusive five-star luxury resort — you will find them all with Temporatours. Our software gives you an extensive description of every hotel, photos, a list of facilities, and the map location of the facility. If you need more assistance, our customer service team is more than happy to assist you.

You will be up to date anytime/anywhere, from any computer, iOS or Android device. Make your search more efficient thanks to our robust hotel booking engine with an advanced XML and API integration. With our live availability and instant confirmation, your travel website will provide a better user experience while you will increase your direct bookings.

  • Instant booking confirmation and easy voucher print
  • Search, book, and cancel travel services
  • Easy booking management — see booking list, search and find a reservation, and export booking list
  • Over 500,000 hotels around the world in 90,000 destinations
  • 3,000,000 rooms to choose from
  • Increase your revenue with rates up to 70% lower
  • Map search tools with price comparison
  • Continuously updated hotel inventory for relevant content
  • Manage your reports, and finances
  • Distance from/to hotel and points of interest
  • Information about hotel facilities, details, and photos
  • Invoice reports and markup edit tool
  • Cancellation policy and fare breakdown before finalizing the booking
  • Automatically cancel non-finalized bookings before deadline
  • Create users, edit roles, privacy, and passwords
  • Messaging system to communicate with travel agents
  • Booking history

become a wholesaler

Temporatours offers you the possibility to create your own subagency list with your customized webpage like http://b2b.yourdomain.com.

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