900+ airlines to any destination

Our unique B2B Ticketing System compares 900+ airlines, both classic and low-cost. Searching for a flight or a combined flight plus hotel offer has never been so easy! With Temporatours, you will no longer need IATA certification to get your plane tickets. Connect with a transfer service or a car rental to get a full package.

Why choose Temporatours for B2B flight reservations?


Our flight booking engine offers the best prices for online B2B flight reservations plus auto-ticketing issue while allowing you to add your markup to your own B2B website. Since with Temporatours there’s no risk of losses due to currency exchange rate, you’ll be on your way to increase your revenue in no time.

We have everything your visitors need, whether they’re traveling for business or jetting off for pleasure. Thanks to our cheap airfares and other great flight deals, it has never been so simple to book plane tickets to the best travel destinations. Rather than spend their entire travel budget on flights, you allow your customers to make savings that can be spent on car rentals or transfers.

The Temporatours engine fetches an online inventory of flight information and fares from low-cost and regular airlines to the hottest spots around the world. Allow your customers to rack up the frequent flier miles while delivering unforgettable journeys to affordable family vacations, weekend trips or tropical getaways.

  • Real-time, immediate reservation confirmation
  • Get great negotiated deals on airfares around the world
  • Compare more than 900 airlines to any destination
  • Suppliers that include all major GDSs and all low-cost airlines
  • Save between 3-50% on tickets and increase your revenue
  • Search, book, and cancel flights with immediate confirmation
  • Filter by airlines, budget, stops, departure/arrival time and trip duration
  • Search, book, and print e-tickets & invoices directly from the platform
  • Fare breakdown and cancellation policy before finalizing the booking
  • Auto-cancellation of non-finalized flight bookings by deadline
  • Markup edit tools and invoice reports
  • Additional cross-sales opportunities
  • No IATA certification, no licenses, and no special equipment required
  • Booking history
  • Flight booking management — see booking list, export list, and search and find reservations
  • Multiple payment options for bookings (bank transfer, credit card, fix deposit)
  • Create users, manage roles and privacy, set passwords
  • Messaging system with travel agents
  • Multilingual interface
  • 24/7/365 support via email/phone