20,000 Pick-up Points in 194 countries

We offer B2B online airport transfers to and from major airports, hotels, train stations, port/harbor, cities. A true global travel wholesaler should have flights, hotels, and car rentals in his inventory, but transfer services are important as well. We provide private and shared transfer options to get your customers off to a great start to their trip. 

Why choose Temporatours to book transfers?


Whether your customers need a low cost shared shuttle at the Costa del Sol or a limousine in London, we have a wide range of transfer services available worldwide. And our portfolio is permanently growing, as we’re constantly adding new routes. We’re offering all types of transfer services, including shared, private standard and private luxury transfers.

You can offer transfers by car, minibus, coach, shuttle, VIP or even private transfers. Shared shuttles are suitable for groups or travelers on a budget, and it’s always nice to help customers avoid being overcharged by taxi services.

Private transfers are a step up in terms of quality and luxury, so if you want to keep your customers happy, you can easily put a smile on their face and have a chauffeur wait to pick them and their luggage up. The transfer service is modern, comfortable, reliable, and available for many international destinations.

  • 20,000 pick-up points in 194 countries
  • Simple booking, reliable services worldwide
  • Multiple transfer services, including shared, private standard & private luxury
  • Extensive search results that include descriptions, departure schedules, meeting point maps, transfer times, and passenger and luggage capacity
  • Get transfers along with hotels or apartments
  • Increase the number of services you offer
  • Get extra revenue opportunities for your business
  • Safe, always on time, great comfort for your clients
  • If the flight is delayed, drivers are updated on the flight’s arrival time
  • Easily check pick-up information 48 hours before departure on www.checkpickup.com
  • Coming soon: SMS of pick-up times in certain destinations


Need help finding a transfer? Our professional team will always be there to assist you.