Welcome to Temporatours . These are our Terms & Conditions which must be read prior to booking with us. Please consider them carefully as you will be bound by them. They set out our respective rights and obligations, and also explain how best to access our products and how the various booking processes work.

TemporaTours is operated by FREE MIND CAPITAL SRL.

15th Charles de Gaulle, 3rd Floor, Of. 399, 1st District, 011857, 

Bucharest, Romania

EUID – ROONRC.J40/15917/2019

Tel.: +4 (031) 860-49-89

E-mail: [email protected] 


By making a booking, you acknowledge and accept these terms & conditions in their entirety.

It is your responsibility to read any documentation and conditions applying to a booking and to ensure that your staff has taken note of any points which are your responsibility.

It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of each booking detail.

Once the reservations/requests are confirmed, Temporatours payment, cancellation, amendment, no-show, and refund/discount policies will apply as described under the Database Access Agreement.

Requests to book , amend or cancel cannot be accepted by telephone.

Our system will automatically confirm bookings, amendments and cancellations by email/fax. Unless you receive such a communication from us, you cannot consider the booking to be confirmed or cancelled.

We will not accept any liability if there are problems with bookings as a result of you providing incorrect booking information such as, but not limited to, the spelling of names, incorrect stay dates and incorrect city or hotel requested.

The online booking system and XML interface may only be used to book a maximum of 9 passengers, in no more than 5 rooms. Any more than this is classified as a Group reservation and must not be sent to us using the system. Such bookings must be sent by email and will be subject to quotation and prepayment. If such bookings are added using our online system or XML interface and the hotel reasonably believes they are a group booking they are not bound to take the booking.

When you have completed the booking online, you must check and make sure all the details on the accommodation voucher (such as hotel address, hotel info, city and country details) are correct.

 You can have the following booking statuses on Temporatours:

  1. a) Pending new -> there are 2 situations when your booking can go to “pending new” status:

–  Either you have made an “on request” reservation and we need a minimum of 24 hours to check the availability with our supplier;

–  Or something wrong went with your booking process. In such cases, someone from our operational team will contact you immediately in order to assist and help you to confirm the booking.

  1. b) Pending for cancellation -> this means that something wrong went with the cancellation process. In such cases, someone from our operational team will contact you immediately in order to assist and help you to cancel the booking.
  2. c) Confirmed -> your reservation was successfully made. You have a CXLP option date to pay the booking or switch it to OkToBuy status, otherwise the system will cancel it automatically with a prior notification 3 and 1 days before CXL deadline.
  3. e) OkToBuy -> when you take the responsibility to pay for it. An OkToBuy booking stays confirmed and it is not cancelled by the system in the CXL deadline. 
  4. f) Cancelled -> when your booking was cancelled successfully.
  5. g) Rejected -> an “on request” booking wasn’t confirmed by our supplier.
  6. h) Unpaid -> when you reconfirm a booking and take responsibility to pay for it but you haven’t paid for it yet.
  7. i) Paid -> when a booking is fully paid.

Cancellation & Amendments

All cancellations and amendments should be made on temporatours.com.

You must ensure that it has received written confirmation from us that the booking has been cancelled. All requests for cancellations that are not made in proper time frame are subject to cancellation fee determined by Temporatours.

Temporatours will not be bound by or responsible for any changes and cancellations made directly with the hotel.

You shall be liable for any and all cancellation fees imposed by the supplier as a result of any cancellations you have made.

If you have issued a voucher for a booking which was subsequently cancelled by you, we shall duly inform such cancellation to the hotel or relevant supplier.

Should any customer alter their stay directly with a hotel, we will need a confirmation letter from an authorised representative of that hotel stating that the change has been accepted and that no charges will be levied to us as a result of the change. We will require a copy of this letter within 30 days of the change for the client to qualify for any financial adjustment.

We may cancel bookings you have added using our system, and hotels may request us to make cancellations of bookings on their behalf, if they reasonably appear to us or to the hotel to be group bookings and not genuine FIT Bookings. Cancellation charges may apply when either we or a hotel reasonably believe bookings to be either a group, or made to hold space you hope to sell later. Charges may also apply if the number of rooms booked is reduced within the group cancellation deadline.

Special Event Periods

During Special Event Periods, Providers may pass on a different cancellation policy of which you will be informed as soon as Temporatours is notified. Also, Provider(s) may not honor Temporatours’ usual reduced rates, which means that the price Customer pays may be higher than the hotel’s published rate. This can happen at any time when availability is scarce.


Temporatours rates do not apply to groups i.e., reservation made for more than 5 rooms at a time for the same reservation period and property.

If we reasonably believe that you have added group bookings to our system by splitting them to make them appear as FIT bookings, hotels may levy group cancellation charges, and standard FIT cancellation deadlines may not apply, when such individual bookings cancel. You will be liable for these charges.

All Temporatours rates are valid for the leisure market only. Temporatours will not accept responsibility for any bookings , if it becomes known or discovered that you and/or your Customer(s) is/are not travelling for leisure purposes. Hotels/ suppliers may refuse to honor Temporatours contract rate and chargeback rate to you and/or your Customers.

Temporatours reserves the right to change all your rates, even after confirmation, as a result of changes in government taxes, currency fluctuation of 3 % or more and trade fair dates, Special Event Periods and/or rate changes.

Our prices to you are strictly private and confidential. You may not disclose them, or anything to do with them, to anyone who is not employed in your company. We reserve the right to cease trading with you, and to cancel all future bookings, if our prices are so disclosed without our prior consent.

Not all of the hotels rates that are displayed on the Temporatours website are applicable for the local market. In addition some other markets may be affected and in such cases the hotel is within their rights to change the rates without prior notice.

You agree that passenger nationality declaration is mandatory and must be determined by selecting Customer Nationality at the time of booking. This information must be in accordance with the passenger passport. False declaration of passenger nationality may cause consequences for which we cannot be held liable. If you do not change Customer Nationality, your Company Nationality will be taken as passenger nationality by default. In case, any financial damage occurs due to false nationality declaration, it will be covered by you towards your customers or to us in full. 

Hotel Information

While Temporatours strives to present hotel information as accurately as possible on temporatours.com,  Temporatours is not responsible for accuracy of the information displayed on the website or for any facilities that may or may not be available at the hotel during Customer’s stay or not suited to his/her/their individual tastes and preferences.

Hotel and guest room photographs are provided to give a general overview of the selected hotels. Guest room photographs may be of a different category than the one booked by you and/or not identical to the room Customer(s) is allocated at the hotel.


Single room contains one (1) bed and is suitable for one (1) person; double/twin rooms generally contain one (1) or two (2) beds and are suitable for two (2) persons however, double/twin rooms may sometimes contain only one (1) bed. Customers can request separate beds upon arrival however, separate beds are not guaranteed.

Triple and quad rooms may not always contain three or four separate full size single beds. One or more folding beds may be used.

Rollways are usually available at a small fee payable to the hotel.

All children under 2 years are accommodated free of charge in a twin or double room, except where otherwise noted.

Booking confirmations

We will always do our best to ensure that all confirmed bookings are accepted by the supplier. If it happens that a supplier is unable to accept a confirmed booking we will do our best to provide you with a suitable alternative of the same standard and in the same location. We cannot guarantee in every case that the alternative accommodation booked by us or the original supplier will be of a matching standard or in the same location as that booked. Should this occur you may be entitled to some financial recompense.

If we are unable to confirm your requested hotel and you have advised it is a ‘Must’ booking we will not confirm an alternative. If we are unable to confirm your requested hotel and it is not a ‘Must’ booking we will endeavour to confirm an alternative and advise the new alternative hotel’s name. If the alternative is not acceptable you must cancel it. If not cancelled by the due deadline you will receive a minimum one night non arrival charge.

Booking Procedure If the Online System Is Not Available

The following details must be clear and in this order when making a booking by email:

  1. A) Passenger family name followed by initials and title
  2. B) City name
  3. C) Hotel name
  4. D) Date of arrival
  5. E) Number of nights
  6. F) Number and type of rooms – You must request Twin/Double + Extra bed and give us the child age, when your booking includes a child
  7. G) Remarks

Bookings must be categorised under the heading of: “new”, “amendment”, “cancellation” or “chaser”. Unless your email makes this clear, and if it does not have our reservation number, we will assume it is a new request and will confirm accordingly. If we have made an additional booking in error you will have to cancel or will be charged.

All reservations should be made on the online booking system or XML interface but in the event the online booking system or XML interface is not in good working condition or in exceptional circumstances, we will accept emails. To prevent confusion regarding your instructions, when cancelling or amending please do not add new instructions to old emails.

For cancellations via email, please quote our reservation number and state clearly what we have confirmed, which may not be the same as your original request, and what you want to cancel.

Late Check-In & No-Shows

If a Customer is expected to arrive after 21:00 hours, please contact the hotel and inform them of Customer’s arrival time. Some hotels have limited reception services after 21:00 hours. Failing to inform the hotel of a late arrival can result in the space being released.

A minimum one night charge to cover the first night of the stay will apply to a no-show booking. During periods when a different minimum stay is stipulated by the hotel or during trade fair or special event periods, the minimum stay period or the entire period of the booking will be charged for and we will advise you of the same at the time of booking.

Special Request

Specific room types, smoking preferences & bedding types for double/twin rooms cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability at the time of check in. It is always guaranteed that the room provided by the hotel will accommodate the number of Customer(s) booked.

Early Check-Out

Early check-out related refund demands should be accompanied with hotel issued early check-out permission. However, the early check-out permission itself does not guaranty any refund, and the refund may be claimed only, if and when, Provider and/or supplier does not invoice Temporatours.

Should any passenger leave a hotel before the end of their booked stay and without informing the hotel they are doing so, we cannot guarantee any refund for the unused nights and reserve the right to invoice in full for the stay we reserved. 

Transfers and Tours

Both “Transfers” and “Tours and Sightseeing” sections have their own terms and conditions, therefore, for any service booked through the aforesaid tabs, corresponding terms will apply.

For the transfers at booking the below general terms will be applied:

Each transfer service listed has its own release period as displayed on the calendar.

Once the transfer booking is completed, a voucher with the reference number will be provided. The voucher must be printed and presented as proof of reservation/booking. The voucher will show all the information necessary to reach the boarding point and will also show a contact telephone number for checking the booking and informing about contingencies.

The destination and pick-up addresses on the voucher are the addresses where the passenger will be delivered and picked up.

Temporatours will not assume any responsibility in omissions and typo errors, which may result in any interruption of the service.

In case the booking is made for a round trip transfer, 2 (two) separate vouchers must be printed and presented to the driver /guide /transfer assistant on the corresponding service dates.

Temporatours advises the passenger/Customer to request transfer service confirmation 24 hours before service time. Transfers are not guaranteed, if no confirmation is requested or confirmation is not available.

No amendments of any kinds (date changes, name changes, flight number change, and vehicle type change) are accepted. Transfers are non-amendable. It is mandatory to enter valid and accurate flight details at the time of booking since, it is not possible to amend.

No reimbursement to the final consumer shall be made in the event of a ‘no-show’ without prior consultation with and express authorization from Temporatours, who shall inform you of charges payable which may vary up to 100% of the amount of the reservation. Information for the booking of the transfer service is provided by you. 

Taxes and Incidentals

There may be additional compulsory taxes, which are payable locally and are collected directly from the Customer by the hotel. You must ensure that the Customer is aware that such local taxes may be payable in certain destinations, and that Customers will need to make allowances for these extra local charges.

Temporatours has no control over any extra charges that a hotel may implement for guest room incidentals such as: air conditioning, safe, mini fridge, car parking, internet fee, etc… Any such charges must be paid directly to the hotel and Temporatours cannot be held responsible for any incidental charges passed on by the hotel.

Redecoration, Renovations & Maintenance

Redecoration, Renovations & Maintenance are necessary for the upkeep of hotels and the same may take place without any prior warning however, the Provider will endeavor to keep such inconveniences to a minimum. The effects of normal wear and tear can be expected in a hotel and these are beyond Temporatours’ control. Temporatours cannot accept responsibility for any disturbance or inconvenience to Customer(s) or for accidents or losses in a hotel caused by hotel management or staff members. 


All requests for discounts and/or deductions due to complaints or claims by Customers shall be presented in writing to Agency within thirty (30)-days after checkout or end of service. Agency shall determine the validity of all requests for discounts and/or deductions within the following 15 days of issue of the claim. Any discount and/or deduction taken unilaterally by you without complying with the provisions of this clause shall be considered a breach of the payment obligations and Temporatours shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate this Agreement.


With Temporatours you have available 4 payment methods: cash/ bank transfer, credit card, credit line and loyalty points. All four payments together or any combination of two of them. 

A credit line payment:

  1. a) If you have sufficient credit:

–  You can switch Confirmed booking into OktoBuy bookings at any time;

–  You can do bookings within deadline (or last minute or non-refundable).

At the moment of OktoBuy action, the value of the booking will be deducted from you credit. The value of the booking will be put back in the credit line, when the OktoBuy booking is: Paid, Canceled or Rollback to Confirmed. All these actions are recorded in the credit history of the booking and also in your credit history.

  1. b) If you have insufficient credit :

– You can do bookings with deadline in the future (with Confirmed status);

– You can NOT mark a booking from Confirmed to OktoBuy nor do bookings within deadline (or last minute or non-refundable) . 

A cash/ bank transfer payment:

– You can do booking with deadline only in the future;

– You can’t mark bookings as OktoBuy nor do bookings within deadline (or last minute or non-refundable).

If you want to mark a booking OktoBuy or to do a booking within deadline, first you should send the payment to us (cash or through bank transfer) and only after that we can allow you to make the booking. 

A credit card payment:

– If the booking is with deadline in future, you can make the booking first and then you will have a CLX Deadline time to pay it via credit card. If the booking isn’t paid until CLX Deadline, the system will cancel the automatically.

– If the booking is within deadline, first you should make the payment. If the payment is successful, then the booking goes to us. If the booking is done successful with us then the booking will have OktoBuy (PAID) status.

– If the booking is within deadline but the payment fails, then the booking goes into Pending New status. Our operational team will try to confirm the booking at the charged amount. If there is no availability for the chosen and paid rate, then we will refund the charged amount.

A Loyalty Points payment:

  1. a) If you have sufficient Loyalty Points:

–  You can switch Confirmed booking into OktoBuy bookings at any time;

–  You can do bookings within deadline (or last minute or non-refundable).

At the moment of OktoBuy action, the value of the booking will be deducted from you Loyalty Points total.. All these actions are recorded in the Loyalty Points history of the booking and also in your Loyalty Points history.

  1. b) If you have insufficient Loyalty Points:

– You can do bookings with deadline in the future (with Confirmed status);

– You can NOT mark a booking from Confirmed to OktoBuy nor do bookings within deadline (or last minute or non-refundable) . 

If you have any combination of these kinds of payments, while marking a booking as OktoBuy, the system will ask you to choose the payment method to be used. Based on the selected option, the above rules will be applied.

Credit Card Payment

By clicking “Make booking” button ,you authorize us and authorized third parties to process your payment and charge the provided credit card account number for the total amount of your order including fare, all fees, taxes, charges and surcharges applicable.

Temporatours may charge a fee for the service it provides when you book or reserve travel services, or accommodations through temporatours.com. Any such service fee is non-refundable. In addition, you will be responsible for all charges, fees, duties, taxes, and assessment arising out of your use of the Products and Services available on temporatours.com.

Please also note: your credit card may be billed in multiple charges totaling that final total price. Your credit card may be billed in multiple charges not exceeding the total amount. All transaction service fees are 100% non-refundable.

Additional fuel surcharges, security, baggage, seat reservation, hotel incidentals, and other applicable service charges may apply which will be charged by the relevant Travel Supplier at time of check-in. You are solely responsible for any such additional charges due to the Travel Supplier. If you have any questions about such charges, please contact the relevant Travel Supplier directly.

When your payment is accepted, you will receive an email and account notification about acceptance of your payment data. If your credit card payment is not processed for any reason, we will notify you within 24 hours. 

When certain transactions are determined to be high risk by our systems, we will not process such transactions unless our credit card verification team has determined that it’s safe to process them. In order to establish validity of such transactions, we may contact you or your bank. 

You agree to be liable for any and all credit card payments and you agree not to dispute charges after the purchase has been made and your tickets and/or other products have been delivered by email confirmation or have been shipped to you. You agree to reimburse Temporatours in cases of chargeback or credit card disputes where you have genuinely purchased a service on our website.

Purchases made on temporatours.com are transacted in different currencies, depending on the user’s IP address and/or the currency that the user selects. You will be charged in MDL if your credit or debit card is issued in Moldova and in Euro if your credit or debit card is issued outside Moldova. If you make a purchase from us using a credit or debit card, please be aware that, due to the constant fluctuation in exchange rates, our charge to your card or the estimated charge amount we provide you, may differ based on the exchange rate at the time you make your reservation versus the rate at the time the charge is reflected on your credit card statement. Also, in the event that we must credit your account, we will refund the exact amount in the currency initially charged and will not be responsible for any fluctuations in exchange rates which may cause differences in your billing statement.


All the information we supply, be it on our site or not and be it pictures, maps or text, is and will remain our property. No information can be copied without our specific approval. No access to any part of our system can be given by you to anyone who is not an employee in your company without our specific written agreement. If you should stop being our client any and all access to any and all of our systems will stop. 

General Terms and Conditions

Temporatours shall not be liable for any failure in service relating from uncontrollable circumstances such as flood, earthquake, riot, terrorist acts, acts of governments or authority change in a country, bad weather conditions etc.

The climate differences and energy saving rules of different countries might affect the heating systems at the hotel which is located at that particular area and/or country. For instance, in Italy the heating system can only be operated between Nov 15 and March 15 due to government regulations. Opening and closing dates of the swimming pools also might be affected by the climate and weather conditions. Temporatours is not liable for the practices of the hotels regarding to these issues.  

Changes to Terms & Conditions

Temporatours reserves the right to change or update these terms and conditions without prior notice. This will not affect existing bookings unless stated (for example changes to Government Taxes or similar). The latest version will always be available on the Temporatours Booking System and by using the site and accessing our product by any means you are accepting the latest version available. Those not having access to the Temporatours booking system will be advised accordingly.


We act solely as an intermediary and not as a principle when making bookings for hotels or any other services we supply. We are therefore not liable for personal injury, illness, property damage or other loss or expense of any nature whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of any the actions of the company with which we booked or supplying the service we have reserved on your behalf.

You shall be liable for any loss or third party claim, including cancellation charges, we may incur as a result of any incomplete or inaccurate details in the booking that you had added to our system or the booking information that you had sent to us for us to reserve on your behalf.

We will not be liable to you if we are unable to fulfil a booking by reason of fire, earthquake, flood, snowstorm, epidemic, explosion, strike, riot, civil disturbance, war, act of God, any failure or delay of any transportation, power or communications system or any similar events beyond our control. We will always, in any of these circumstances, do our best to provide alternative arrangements or refund any sum already paid unless we are bound by contracts with our suppliers which preclude us from obtaining a refund from them to pass on to you.